Canadian Distribution

More thans just a target-they are a work of art created by the very talented David Jimenez from Mexico

A high quality life like target!

Introducing Kong 3-D targets now available in Canada! These targets are more than just a pretty face, with the self healing foam, they are built to last!

Archery is a sport that historically was an important tool for survival; today it has evolved into a sport with many different shooting styles.  One style in particular is called 3D shooting and involves the use of 3 dimensional life-like animals, this was designed by hunters and has now become a popular sport. 

For 23 years KONG has developed a special formula for the manufacture of these TARGETS until we found a material worthy of competing with foreign brands and with quality standards of excellence, resulting in 3 years of being among the best 5 brands for its quality and design.

We are also archers and understand what is involved to become good at 3D shooting, so we designed, modeled and manufactured figures as real as possible, trying to capture natural aspects of wildlife.

We have created more than 50 models of animals from all over the planet including animals of the great savannah, of the gorgeous forests, of the beautiful mountains and unexplored jungles, all this aimed to shoot 3D figures from around the world .

The quality of our material is PREMIUM made especially for TOURNAMENTS 

Now we have advanced more than 50 models that we will be introducing to the archery world!





David Jimenez.



We believe in the workmanship and durablity of Kong Targets, it's the new generation of targets!

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DONE Sending...

Haley pearsall | Reply 08.06.2019 06.36

Please send price list and shopping cost

Charly Egger | Reply 08.06.2019 02.38

I am from Austria, I am the Präsident of Austrian 3D Archery Association
We are interest on your Kong 3D Targets.
Please can you send me more Information to

Robin Coward | Reply 28.09.2018 13.26

Follow up from our phone call.

Keith ladd | Reply 23.08.2018 20.53

Hey we are getting ready to replace some of our 3d targets at our range. I would be very interested in seeing your price list.

Tim 27.08.2018 20.45

Hi Keit can you send us this message from the contact me page so we can get your email address

Ralph Harris | Reply 07.08.2018 08.29

Hello Tim wondering do you have a price list and does Kong 3D make NorthAmerica big game animals.

valentin Alonso Murias | Reply 20.06.2018 14.14

Hola me gustaria lista de precios y envio a España. Y información para ser distribuidor

PIERRE CHAPDELAINE | Reply 09.01.2018 14.56

Good day
I am the archery specialist at Londero Sport inc. (
interested by your product,send me the retail and dealer price list

pierre chapdelaine | Reply 03.01.2018 15.42

i am interest off your 3d targets

Tim 03.01.2018 17.59

Hi Pieere, send me your emial address and I will get you a price list

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Latest comments

08.06 | 06:36

Please send price list and shopping cost

08.06 | 02:38

I am from Austria, I am the Präsident of Austrian 3D Archery Association
We are interest on your Kong 3D Targets.
Please can you send me more Information to

21.05 | 09:20

Price list and estimated shipping cost to Louisiana please

02.05 | 15:46

Ken from Strathmore Archery Club.
Just got off the phone with you.
We may be looking for some 3D targets in the next few weeks, or months.
Please send pricing.

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